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Welcome to Lifestyle Furniture, where every piece tells a story of adventure, passion and sustainability. Born of an inspiring journey around the world, our brand was born in Denmark in 1997, before settling in sunny Toulouse in 2002. Since then, our mission has been to help you create living spaces that reflect your personality, whether inside your home or in the green oasis of your garden.

Our journey began with a rigorous selection of the finest craftsmen, and two years later took a decidedly creative turn with the launch of our own production in 1999. This evolution has enabled us to forge a privileged bond with you, our customers, by deeply understanding your desires and offering tailor-made solutions that go beyond your expectations.

At Lifestyle Furniture, we know that furnishing isn't just about filling a space. It's about creating environments where every moment is an invitation to relaxation and conviviality. Our customers, whose profiles are as varied as their living spaces, are just as interested in value for money as they are in unique buying experiences. That's why we strive to combine excellence and accessibility, so that our furniture can be found in as many homes as possible. Translated with (free version)

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Present at numerous exhibitions across France, from Lyon to Paris, via Marseille, Nice, Bordeaux and our beloved Toulouse, we have the opportunity to meet you and introduce you to our world. Over time, our commitment has evolved from simple sales to personalized creation, in perfect keeping with our motto: "Small or large, beautiful or practical, the piece of furniture you want, we can create it for you!"

Our speciality? Customized furniture, giving you the freedom to realize your most specific visions. Inspired by the traditional skills of Java's craftsmen, our aim is to transpose this expertise into your spaces, not as mass-produced products, but as unique pieces that tell your story.

Conscious of our impact on the environment, we are committed to using only wood from sustainable plantations. This is part of our commitment to preserving our planet for future generations, while guaranteeing you the best quality teak - our famous premium teak. For those looking for a more affordable alternative, we also offer a range in standard teak, offering the same manufacturing excellence at a more affordable price.

Join us on this adventure where every piece of furniture is a promise of quality, durability and style. At Lifestyle Furniture, we don't just sell furniture, we create unique experiences that bring your spaces to life. Welcome to our world, where your furnishing dreams come true.

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Lifestyle arrives in Toulouse


Creation of Lifestyle Furniture


Our quest was born of an inner journey, a personal development that turned into a passion for designing and manufacturing furniture that is out of the ordinary, that offers more than what the standard market offers. Behind each piece of handcrafted furniture lies a unique story, which we want to share with you, because we know that your space is a reflection of your identity.

In a context often marked by over-consumption, where buying choices are dictated by price and speed rather than authenticity and reflection, we position ourselves as a link between the world of impulse buying and that of thoughtful shopping. Through our new website, we aim to create a link between price, fast transactions and uniqueness. Our goal is to illustrate what sets our furniture apart, and to anticipate your questions before you even ask them.

Even in this digital space that unites us, our ambition is to make you feel special. Behind every screen, there's a team that's easy to reach, ready to listen, and working to bring you pieces that tell a story - your story.


We offer you much more than furniture; each creation from our Indonesian workshop is the fruit of a meticulous, environmentally-friendly process, promising exceptional pieces that defy time.

We guarantee the quality and integrity of each piece of furniture with an Indonesian import certificate. Our pieces are crafted exclusively from teak wood, meticulously selected from sustainable plantations or reclaimed from recycled sources. Plantation-grown teak, from young trees, is processed using traditional craftsmanship to guarantee its durability and enduring beauty.

Our commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with our promise to be close to you, our customers. Every piece of furniture you bring into your world is a celebration of your unique taste. We are dedicated to providing you with an authentic, bespoke experience.

Some of our furniture is even carved from recycled teak, giving new life to pieces. Each creation is an adventure that begins in Indonesia and continues in your everyday space.

Lifestyle Furniture transcends the idea of a simple teakwood furniture store; we are your reference in the creation of your living haven. Discover our range and let yourself be seduced by furniture that combines quality, durability and a warm ambience, transforming your space into a haven of comfort and elegance.